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Qamar al Jood, Unanimous gold medal champion!

We congratulate Qamar al Jood with the unanimous win of the Gold medal with the junior fillies during the international show in Spain last weekend. Qamar is a daughter of Geraldyne el Jamaal. She is owned by Al Jood stud, Qatar who leased Geraldyne from us in 2018 and 2019.

Volga du Vallois wins 47km endurance race!

This past weekend, our part bred mare Volga du Vallois won the 47km endurance marathon in Someren! She was ridden by Natascha Gielen! 

ASE Zad Shiraz wins the Quadrathlon championships!

This past weekend, our young stallion ASE Zad Shiraz competed with Isa Rave at the Arabissimo sport horse champpionships. He did a fantastic job and was named Quadrathlon sport horse champion!

22 years old Manilah wins 2nd place at the allround Arabissimo sport horse championships!

This past weekend, our 22 years old foundation mare Manilah was taken out of the pasture for a sporthorse competition when her grandson had a small paddock accident and wasn't able to compete. Manilah was a fantastic replacer. She took a clear round in the jumping competition and did a very good job in the cross country, trail, dressage and liberty as well which gave her a 2nd place in the overall Arabissimo Sport horse competition! Manilah loved every second of it!

Succesfull 172km endurance race for Geraldyne el Jamaal!

Last week, our 19 years old Geraldyne el Jamaal participated at the Schwäbische Alb Endurance in Germany. 172km in five days. She not only finished succesfully, she was also the best Dutch participant and received with the Dutch team the "Best team trophy". Geraldyne showed incredible recovery times. The last day she entered the vet inspection after the 2nd loop with zero recovery time and a heartrate of 40! In the five days we reached a total of 2559 altimeters. You can read more about our Schwäbische Alb Distanz in our recent blog.


Kamiliya in foal to El Jahez WH!

We are thrilled that our mare ASE Kamiliya Hlayyil is checked in foal to El Jahez WH! We already wanted to breed to El Jahez for many years but since he was located in Brazil, it was a bit problematic. When he arrived in Europe, we were so happy! Unfortunately, our mare Bisiriya passed away before we had the chance to breed her to El Jahez. We are very gratefull that her daughter Kamiliya is now in foal to him instead! Amazingly she is due on Bisiriya her birthday! So special!

ASE Jazzeem is now sold!

Our congratulations go to our client from The Netherlands with the purchase of the lovely ASE Jazzeem! We wish you all the best with this super colt!

New video of ASE Justice el Jamaal!

Arabian Insider made a new video of the Black stallion ASE Justice el Jamaal (WH Justice x Geraldyne el Jamaal by Ali Jamaal), currently owned by Al Dawla Arabians, Australia!

ASE Genevieve el Marc is sold!

We congratulate the Mayenburg family with the purchase of ASE Genevieve el Marc in foal to ASE Juilliard! We wish you all the best with this great attribution to your breeding program!

Adalat al Dawla - Menton bound!

Don't miss this striking daughter of ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil at her show debute with the yearling fillies in Menton! Proudly bred and owned by Al Dawla Arabians, Australia. Presented by Elba Training Center!


Geraldyne finishes 96km endurance race!

This past weekend, our 19 years old Geraldyne el Jamaal participated at the 96km endurance race at the Ahlhorner Heide Distanz in Huntlosen, Germany. Geraldyne did an amazing job in the heat and finished at the 9th position together with our French bred Volga du Vallois who was ridden by Natascha Gielen.


More Confirmed pregnancies for 2022!

We are happy to announce that also the following mares have been checked in foal for 2022!

ASE Juilliard x Medina el Assuad
El Jahez WH x Geraldyne el Jamaal This embryo is in the ownership of Mia Hansen, Denmark

Adalat al Dawla - Ready for Menton!

Don't miss this striking daughter of ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil at her show debute in Menton! Proudly bred and owned by Al Dawla Arabians, Australia


Confirmed pregnancies for 2022!

We are happy to announce that the following mares have been checked in foal for April 2022:

ASE Juilliard x ZT Ludjteyna
ASE Juilliard x ASE Genevieve el Marc
ASE Zad Shiraz x ASE Gabriella al Gazal

Succesfull groupfinish at the Leende endurance race!

Last weekend in Leende, the first Dutch Endurance race of the season took place. We participated with four horses and had the following results:


ASE Magnificent - Successful finish with 14,48 km/h ridden by Talitha Bakker.



ASE Zad Shiraz - Successful finish with 12,28 km/h ridden by Marissa Muntz

Geraldyne el Jamaal - Successful finish with 12,28 km/h ridden by Natascha Gielen

Volga du Vallois - Successful finish with 12,28 km/h ridden by Talitha Bakker


Next race is the 130km Endurance race in Germany on June 19th !

Welcome ASE Graciela el Juilliard!

We are happy to welcome another filly from Geraldyne el Jamaal sired by ASE Juilliard into this world! This time it looks to be a grey one! Exciting how she will develope!

Geraldyne finishes another endurance race!

This past weekend, our 19 years old Geraldyne el Jamaal participated at the first endurance race of the year in Scheden, Germany. Geraldyne did an amazing job at a very difficult track, covering 680 altimeters and finished 7th!

Magnificent wins 41km Endurance!

This past weekend, our young stallion ASE Magnificent participated at his first endurance race of 41km in Scheden, Germany, ridden by Anne Wegner. They did a fantastic job and finished at the 1st place! Magnificent is now back home with Arabian Stud Europe and will be standing at stud for a limited number of mares!

Welcome ZT Ludjteyna!

We are honored to welcome this grand lady to our breeding program. ZT Ludjteyna is a daughter of Ludjin el Jamaal and comes out of the Black Queen Shahteyna. ZT Ludjteyn is mostly known being the dam of ZT Marwteyn.

Geraldyne el Jamaal checked in foal to AJ Yas!

We are happy to announce that Geraldyne el Jamaal is checked in foal to AJ Yas for February 2022! 

ASE Konooz in foal to RFI Farid!

We are happy to announce that ASE Konooz is checked in foal to RFI Farid for January 2022! We congratulate Al Makhdoom stud who is the owner of this future foal!

ASE Zad Shiraz available in Israel!

We now have top quality certified frozen semen available for Europe and Israel of our stallion ASE Zad Shiraz! Contact us for more information!

Welcome to the family ASE Falicia!

Last Friday, our mare ASE Falaree (Fadi al Shaqab x Dakaree) gave birth to a beautiful bay filly from ASE Farhan (RFI Farid x ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil). We are very happy with this special filly, which we have named ASE Falicia, and will keep her for our future breeding program!

Daughter of Geraldyne el Jamaal!

We just received this new video of the latest daughter of our Geraldyne el Jamaal named Guinevere PKA and is proudly bred by our friend and client Petra Mulder from The Netherlands

ASE Hafez el Shiraz sold to Morroco!

We congratulate our clients from Morocco for the purchase of ASE Hafez el Shiraz and Alicia al Jood. Also congratulations to Al Jood Stud Qatar with their sale of Alicia.

Black filly for Geraldyne el Jamaal!

2021 has started bright with this gorgeous Black filly from Geraldyne el Jamaal! This is already the 3rd Black foal of Geraldyne! This time sired by Magic Magnifique! Proud breeder and owned is Peka Arabians from The Netherlands who had purchased an embryo right from us!

ASE Zad Shiraz now also approved with the NRPS studbook!

We are happy to announce that ASE Zad Shiraz was selected by the sport horse association NRPS to be an approved breeding stallion for sport horses and sport ponies! Last year Shiraz was already approved by the Purebred Arabian studbook so this is a nice contribution to his abilities as a stallion!

Welcome Volga du Vallois!

We are happy with the purchase of FEI 3* mare Volga du Vallois! One week after we bought her from France, we took her to an Endurance race in Holland. There she won the 133km race 'Veluwe Marathon 2.0'.
We are very happy with this pretty lady!

ASE Konooz sold!

We are happy to announce the sale of our beautiful Hariry al Shaqab daughter, ASE Konooz! We were planning on keeping her but we received a request to buy her from a well respected farm and since we just purchased Bisharat, we realized it was better to let her go. We will miss her enormously! A thank you to Simone Leo for his involvement in this sale.

Welcome back Bisharat!

Bisharat al Dawla (RHR Heir of Marwan x ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil) was born at our farm in 2019 but bred and owned by our friends from Al Dawla Arabians, Australia. The past 9 months, Bisharat was standing at Paolo Capecci Training center in Italy. After the passing of her dam, Diaa gave me the opportunity to buy Bisharat from him. This week she arrived back at our farm in Holland. We are so happy with her and are looking forward to enjoy every minute with her for as long as we can! 


New arrival!

We bought ourselves a new endurance mare! Her name is Volga du Vollais and she is coming from France! She already did a CEI 3* race in the past and we hope to get her back in shape and to start again some FEI races with her next year! We thank Robin and Gaby for helping me find Volga!

ASE Justice el Jamaal goes to Australia!

We are happy to announce that our Black son of WH Justice and Geraldyne el Jamaal is now sold to Al Dawla Stud, Mr. Diaa Kara-ali from Australia! We will retain 20 breeding rights to this special stallion and cannot wait to see how he will grow up!

Geraldyne 3rd place Endurance!

This weekend, Geraldyne el Jamaal won the 3rd place during the Endurance race in Drents Friese Wold, The Netherlands. With an average speed of 14,1 km/h she was the 3rd fastest of her group!

Successful show for Manilah!

Last weekend, our 21 years old foundation mare Manilah was entered at the National and International show during the Arabian Horse Weekend. She managed to win her class with 90.38 points, what was the second highest points of all senior mares national. She also received a 17 on legs and won the Best Movement trophy veteran mares! 

Bronze medal for Hafez!

Our young ASE Hafez el Shiraz succesfully showed his moves during the International B-show in Ströhen last weekend and claimed the overall bronze medal! He also got a vote for Gold! We are very proud of this young boy!

Falaree succesfully finishes 45km!

This weekend ASE Falaree succesfully competed at the 45km Endurance in Ströhen, Germany and achieved a 4th place!

Geraldyne succesfully finishes 85km!

This weekend our 18 years old foundation mare Geraldyne el Jamaal competed in the Ahlhornerheide endurance race in Germany. She showed low heartrates and great recovery! In the end she finished at the 5th position out of 20 competitors!

Geraldyne el Jamaal in foal to Juilliard!

Today we were lucky to flush an embryo from Geraldyne el Jamaal, sired by our young stallion ASE Juilliard. We cannot wait to see this foal next year!

A gorgeous colt for Jazzmeen!

Last night, our lease mare Geisha P gave birth to an amazing colt by Jazzmeen! Born Black but might turn Grey. Time will tell! We named him ASE Jazzuar and we will keep him for our future endurance ambitions!

A colt for Shiraz & Konooz!

We welcome a gorgeous chestnut colt into the world. Sired by our young stallion ASE Zad Shiraz and out of our young mare ASE Konooz. We are very happy with this result!

Falaree shines in the cross country!

This weekend, ASE Falaree participated at her first cross country ever! She did a fantastic job!

We say goodbye to Bisiriya

It is with immense sadness that we announce the passing of our Queen, our love, our best friend, ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil and her unborn filly by Heir of Marwan. We miss her and will keep her in our hearts forever.

A filly for Geraldyne!

Congratulations to Al Jood Stud for the birth of a beautiful filly by Alixir and out of our Ali Jamaal daughter Geraldyne el Jamaal!

Succesful embryo flush for Geraldyne!

Our Ali Jamaal daughter Geraldyne el Jamaal had a succesful embryo flush today with the stallion D Angelo. We congratulate Elizar Arabians who is the owner of this embryo! We are looking forward to a beautiful foal for them in 2021!

ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil is in foal by embryo transfer for 2021!

The lovely ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil is once again in foal to RHR Heir of Marwan for 2021 by embryo transfer. This foal is extra special for us ! We cannot wait for 2021 to start!

Live on Arabian Essence TV!

Last week we were the guest of Elvis and Marco at their Arabian Essence TV: Stay at the farm! Thank  you guys for having us on the show!

ASE Juilliette is now sold to Israel!

We congratulate the new owners of ASE Juilliette with this spectacular purchase! She will be shown in the 2020 showseason! A thank you to Elba Training Center and Tom Oben for their involvement in this sale.

ASE Falaree is in foal for 2021!

Our Dakar el Jamaal granddaughter, ASE Falaree,  is checked in foal to the champion stallion ASE Farhan by RFI Farid. We cannot wait to see the results of this breeding! She is due January 2021.

ASE Lolee Excalibur &Alexandria in Israel

New footage of ASE Lolee Excalibur and her 2020 filly by Millenium Star! Congratulations to her owners from Israel!

First foal of ASE Zad Shiraz is born!

We congratulate SHS Arabians with the birth of the very first foal of ASE Zad Shiraz out of their Vitorio TO daughter ASE Majestika!

ASE Juilliette succesful at Elba Training Center

Juilliette by ASE Juilliard is doing great at Elba Training Center. She has been in training now for one month and is doing really well! We cannot wait for the shows to start again and to show her off!

ASE Falaree in training for the 87km Endurance race


Our mare ASE Falaree started her training for the 87km endurance race next month. After her win on the 53km qualifier early march, Falaree is ready to take it to the next level!

A filly for ASE Lolee Excalibur!

We congratulate Mahmud Jaussi from Israel, with the birth of this special filly sired by the Millenium Star and out of ASE Lolee Excalibur! She looks amazing!

A filly for WH Justice and ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil

Last weekend, Our mare Amber succesfully delivered a gorgeous filly by WH Justice that she was carrying for ASE Bisirya Hlayyil. We are thrilled with the result! Congratulations to our clients and friends of Al Dawla Arabians, Australia who is the owner of this filly!

Falaree wins 53km Endurance!

This weekend, our young mare ASE Falaree succesfully completed 53km endurance in Leende. With an average speed of 14.30 km/h, she achieved a first place. Leaving all her competitors far behind. Also our 18 years old Geraldyne el Jamaal competed in this endurance race. She succesfully completed the 44km with Natascha Gielen.

Geraldyne in foal to Magic Magnifique!

2020 started well for us! Our Ali Jamaal daughter Geraldyne el Jamaal checked in foal to Magic Magnifique by Embryo transfer at first try!

Congratulations to Peka Arabians, who is the owner of this future foal!