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ASE Jazzeem

ASE Jazzeem
(Jazzmeen x Geisha P)
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2020 Grey colt - 1.52m (exp. height)
SCID Clear & CA Clear



General Information:

Jazzeem was born in June 2020, same month as his sire Jazzmeen. He was born Black and has a lot of simularities with his sire. Jazzeem has a proven endurance pedigree with crosses to Laiza de Jalima and ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil as well as Czarlotta S and Gazal Z.


To us, Jazzeem is the perfect Arabian horse. He has fantastic legs, strong, very correct with even hoofs. A strong short body, long tailbone, long neck and a gorgeous face with big friendly eyes, long eyelashes and curly ears. His face is short, dished with a teacup muzzle. And his character is amazing. He loves people and is always in for a cuddle. He is also very very tall. We expect him to reach at least 1.60m in height.


Jazzeem was born out of the fantastic mare Geisha P, who we leased from Pintar Arabians in 2017. Already since a long time we admired the mare Laiza de Jalima. A gorgeous daughter from the mare Pirula by Piruet. Together with Marijke Visser she has won numerous endurance competitions and caught the attention of many with her extreme fast recovery during competitions. Geisha P is coming from the same line as she is a daughter of Piruna by Piruet and is sired by de stallion Major, who is a half brother to our foundation mare Manilah through their dam Marischka. To us, Geisha is the best of both worlds and we are very excited that we were able to lease her for the next year(s) from Pintar Arabians, Slovenia. Geisha her son, Gazal, received the WAHO certificate for his incredible performance in endurance. We hope to fullfill those big shoes with our Geisha offspring as well!

In 2018, Geisha gave us our dream filly sired by ASE Marajó. Unfortunately she passed away a few weeks after birth. We are still heartbroken. With Jazzeem we a beautiful colt which we will keep for the future.


Jazzeem is a son of Jazzmeen, the famous Black stallion. Jazzmeen is a son of world champion Essteem and comes out of the beautiful mare Jasmyne from Nyhl el Jamaal. Jazzmeen has multiple crosses to Ali Jamaal, Bey Shah and El Shaklan. Jazzmeen is the sire of multiple endurance horses including the very succesful Czarlotta S who succesfully finished the CEI 2* of 120km in Abu Dhabi, Al Wathba with an average speed of 21.3 km/h. With the last loop at a speed of 24 km/h and a recovery time of 46 seconds.


Jazzmeen was also a very succesful eventing horse and great show jumper. In the past he also did high level dressage. Jazzmeen is mostly known because of his friendly character and the fact that he loves kids. Kids from the local schools frequently come and visit him and he loves them all.


The dam of Jazzeem is the mare Geisha, who is mostly known of being the maternal sister to reserve World champion Endurance Laiza de Jalima. Geisha herself was also succesful in endurance, showing very fast recovery times and low heartrates. Geisha is also the dam of Gazal. The stallion who received the WAHO trophy for his excellent endurance performances.

The sire of Geisha is the 
multi show champion stallion Major. This stallion is the son of El Allah Abu. This stallion is the son of the illustrious  Thee Desperado and is coming out of the mare Shaamisa Mystique, who is by Nabiel and out of a El Hilal daughter. The damline of Major is one very precious to us, the mare Marischka. This is also the dam of our foundation mare Manilah. Marischka is by Plakat and out of Malisha bint Galal, who traces back to Moheba II. Some offspring of Manilah where also succesful in endurance, like the mare ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil and ASE Marajó who both participated at CEI 2* endurance races.


The dam of Geisha is Piruna. Daughter of two time World champion Piruet (Pohaniec x Borexia) and comes out of Pieczec from Palas. The dam of Piruna is the mare Into my Dream. She is a daughter of the double Bask bred Executive Class and comes from Precious Me who is by the stallion Wilwood Kochar and out of the Gainey bred Gai Ferzon Dream by Ferzon. Precious me is also the dam of the world famous stallion Koronec and the fantastic broodmare FS Precious Memory. Piruna's sister Pirula is known as being the mother of reserve World Champion endurance Laiza de Jalima.



Jazzeem will be kept for our future breeding program.