The Stallions of Arabian Stud Europe

Available by fresh semen:

Arabian stallions available by top quality frozen semen:

Arabian stallions of the future:

The stallions of Arabian Stud Europe are all purebred Arabian and top quality with pedigrees to match. They have done well at the Arabian horse shows and are also ridden in Endurance, showjumping or dressage. Our horses compete under the name of the ASE Endurance Team, ASE Stud and ASE Sport Arabians.


We have grey Arabian stallions at stud but can also offer two Black Arabians at stud. All of our horses are SCID clear. All of our horses, with the exception of ASE Justice el Jamaal, are also CA clear.

All of our stallions are approved to all breeds and come with live foal guarantee. From Juilliard and Farhan, we have also fresh transported semen available. All the others are available by frozen semen. 
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To order semen of ASE Juilliard, please contact Obi Training Center, Belgium: