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We are passionate endurance riders. All of our horses are being ridden in National and International endurance competitons. We are doing endurance in Europe and endurance overseas. We have competed in endurance in Argentina, Brazil and have also ridden in the Middle East.

Also our offspring are doing very well in endurance. We will give you an overview below. On the right you can read some of our endurance adventures in our Endurance blog.

Currently in work:

ASE Falaree
2013 Bay mare - 1.54m - Fadi al Shaqab | Dakaree

Currently competing at 80-100 km Endurance level



Winner 40km,  Endurance Ankum (DE) 2019

Winner 53km, Endurance Leende (NL) 2020
4th place 45km, Endurance Ströhen (DE) 2020

Medina el Assuad

2013 Grey mare - Straight Egyptian - 1.51m

(Mouazar x Masoura)

Currently competing at 80-100 km Endurance level



Succsful finish 40km, Stuhr (DE) 2019

2nd place 44km, Someren (NL) 2019

Geraldyne el Jamaal

2002 - Bay mare - 1.51m

(Ali Jamaal x Gai Natascha)

Currently competing at 40 - 80km Endurance level



Succesful finish 40km, Ermelo (NL) 2017

Succesful finish 90km, Veluwe Marathon (NL) 2017
Succesful finish 44km, Leende (NL) 2020

5th place 85km, Ahnhorner Heide (DE) 2020

ASE Rahyeelah

2010 Bay mare - 1.52m

(Jary el Jamaal x Roxana el Bri)

Owned & ridden by: Kine Belland, Norway

Currently competing at CEI 2* Endurance level


2nd place CEI 2* 120km, 16,15 km/h, (DK) 2018

Succesful finished the CEI 2* 120km (NL) 2019

ASE Ezeen Magnanimus

2016 Chestnut gelding - 1.52m

(ZT Magnanimus x Manilah)

Currently competing at 20-30km level


Succesful finish 25km endurance Holten 2020

No longer in work:


2008 Bay partbred mare - 1.56m

(Scapino BB x Isabel)


Succesfull finished several endurance races in 2018.

Horses we've bred and their Endurance results:

ASE Marajó

2009 Grey stallion - 1.59m

(Marajj x Manilah)


Bronze Medal, Hippiade, 66km, 16,70 km/h 2016
3rd place, CEI 1* Neustadt-Dosse (DE) 2017

ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil

2008 Grey mare - 1.54m

(Bishr x Manilah)



4th place, 80km, Stuhr (DE) 2015

3rd place 87km, Epe (NL) 2016

9th place, CEI 1* 90km, 16,87 km/h (NL) 2016

3rd place CEI 2* 120km, 15,59 km/h (DE) 2016

ASE Myandour

2009 Bay stallion - owned by Arianne Venizelou

(Marhaabah x Dakaree)



Winner CEI 1* 90km, Kilkis (GR) 2016

ASE Dahyeemah

2007 Grey mare - owned by Annika Rijkaart

(Qamir Ibn Assud x Al Din Ghazel)


Winner 62km Endurance, Teteringen (NL) 2018

Winner 70km Endurance, Etten-Leur (NL) 2018