(Essteem x Jasmyne)
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Hetrozygous Black stallion - 1.58m
SCID Clear & CA Clear

In loving memory.
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General Information:
Jazzmeen is a beautiful big and athletic black stallion. He has a very friendly lay backed character and is a great performer in high level dressage, show jumping and eventing. Besides a great performer, he is also a great sire and very fertile. Jazzmeen also knows a lot of exercises of the Spanish dressage like Spanish walk, rearing on commend, piaffe, kneeling down and he can also stand on top of a barrow. With his friendly character he is a true representative of the Arabian breed. Jazzmeen has a beautiful overall balanced body with a level croup, a long neck and a very short head with big eyes, a large forehead, tiny beautifully shaped ears, a tiny muzzle with big nostrils, long, very correct straight legs and excellent floating movement.


Jazzmeen is one of the best sons of World champion Essteem. Essteem is a world champion stallion and became famous because of his spectacular movement. He is also the sire of world champion filly Essteema. Essteem is sired by US National champion Fame VF (by Bey Shah) who produced some high quality offspring in halter and performance. The dam of Essteem is the El Shaklan daughter Espressa, who is out of China Moon by El Hilal. China Moon is also the dam of European res. Champion Sandhiran.


The mother of Jazzmeen is the beautiful mare Jasmyne who has been sold to the UAE. The sire of Jasmyne is the ultra typy Nyhl el Jamaal, who is maybe one of the most exotic sons of the legendary Ali Jamaal. The mother to Nyhl el Jamaal is the very beautiful mare Naharra by El Shaklan and coming out of the pure Spanish mare Niharra – tracing back to Congo. The dam of Jasmyne is Justine El Jamaal. She is a daughter of Ali Jamaal. Ali Jamaal has caused a revolution in Arabian horse breeding back in the 80’s.
He was US National champion twice and has produced (world) champion offspring all around the globe. He is by the Straight Egyptian Ruminaja Ali (Sheikh al Badi x Bint Magidaa) and comes out of the Polish bred Heritage Memory (El Magato x Heritge Labelle) – tracing back to the influential Fadjur.
 The dam of Justine is the influential broodmare NV Justa Dream by Bey Shah. She is also the dam of Jullye el Ludjin, who is considered as one of the most beautiful mares in the world. Justa Dream is also the dam of Jary el Jamaal, Jasper el Jamaal, Jonathan el Ludjin and Juliet el Ludjin – the last two being full siblings to Jullye.


Jazzmeen has offspring all over the world. His offspring are loved because of their characters,
their excellent movement and the refinement he passes on. His first daughter Imeleena J (x Ilyria el Jamaal)
has been very successful in the European show scene, being placed second at the prestigious show in
Towerlands and Wels.  Jazzmeen is also the sire of CEI** Endurance horse Czarlotta S!

Also in the warmblood breeding, Jazzmeen has sired very well.
He has bred Dutch Warmblood horses, English thoroughbreds, Pintabians, Appalousa’s and many other breeds. All have his athletic abilities and his eternal beauty.


Below you will find some offspring by Jazzmeen, both purebred and partbred.