Sihaam al Salhiyah

Sihaam al Salhiyah
(ZT Magnanimus x ZT Fantmaisa)
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Grey mare - 1.58m
SCID Clear & CA Clear

* Bronze Medal Champion mare, Dutch Nationals 2022 & 2023
* Succesful 44km Endurance Leende 2023


General Information:

Sihaam was bred by Al Salhiyah stud and is fully Zichy Thijssen bred. She is the full sister of ZT Magnofantasy.  We bought her in the summer of 2022 from NM Arabians in France.

We started Sihaam under saddle in November 2022. In 2023 she performed at endurance qualifiers of 44km and with succes!

Sihaam al Salhiyah


The sire of Sihaam is  ZT Magnanimus, who is one of the most interesting sires of the Ziggy Thyssen stud and also one of the best endurance sires in Argentina. 

Magnificent is sired by ZT Magnanimus who was bred by the famous Count Zichy Thyssen from Argentina. The sire of Magnanimus is AB Magnum who is by Magnum Psyche and comes out Echo's Love Song by Aladinn Echo by Aladinn. The dam of Love song traces back to the legendary Gamaar. The dam of Magnanimus is the beautiful El Shaklan daughter ZT Shakmontelite who is by GG Montero (An Malik) and comes out of Countess Elite (Khemosabi x Gai Ruby). ZT Magnanimus has sired some very succesful endurance horses in Argentina, like ZT Magnomill, ZT Magnojelite, ZT Magnashakda, ZT Magnamelie, ZT Magnalectra and ZT Magnajolie and the CEI*** horse RS Katio who succesfully finished the 2016 World championships endurance in slowakia. . 

The dam of Sihaam is ZT Fantmaisa by the El Shaklan son ZT Shakfantasy and the Straight Egyptian mare AK el Maisa by Shaikh al Badi, who is also the sire of Ruminaja Ali which makes AK el Maisa a half brother to the legendary Ali Jamaal. The mother of AK el Maisa is the Ansata Abbas Pasha daughter AK Jaleel Amaan. 

Sihaam had two foals prior to her arrival to Holland. One of them is the filly NM Shaana.

NM Saana by GT Shardh, owned by AJS Arabians

2024 filly by Wadi Kahil - Bred and owned by Just Arabians