ASE Gabriella al Gazal

ASE Gabriella al Gazal 
(Gazal al Shaqab x Geraldyne el Jamaal)
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2018 Bay mare 
SCID Clear & CA Clear

*Succesful finish 41km Endurance Winterswijk 2023


General Information:
ASE Gabriella al Gazal is a the brilliant cross between two breeding giants: Ali Jamaal and 2017 Platinum Worldchampion Gazal al Shaqab. Gabriella has a beautiful refined face with a teacup muzzle and big black eyes. her ears are curly, her neck is well set and long and she loves her humans. We are keeping Gabriella for our future breeding program.


Gabriella has this presence, this charisma that amazes people. They stop what they are doing and all eyes are on her. This is who she is. A moving machine, a princess. A combinations of two legends... Gazal al Shaqab and Ali Jamaal..


The sire of Gabriella is 2017 Platinum World Champion stallion Gazal al Shaqab. A stallion who needs no introduction and who is the sire of world champions Marwan al Shaqab and Pianissima. Gazal is also the sire of numerous succesful endurance horses and is known for siring endurance horses with an extreme fast recovery and low heartrates.


The dam of Gabriella is the fantastic producing direct Ali Jamaal daughter, Geraldyne el Jamaal. Geraldyne is the look-a-like image of her sire and bred by the famous Lenita Perroy of the former Haras Meia Lua in Brazil. She was bought by us in Brazil in 2013 and imported to Europe in 2016. Geraldyne is not only our foundation mare but is also a competitive endurance horse with succesful placings in the 160+km endurance races. She has a very low heartrate and extremely fast recovery . We hope that Gabriella inheritaged this from her mother.

The damline of Geraldyne is very special to us. Her dam is Gai Natasha of the famous Gainey breeding program in the US. Natasha is by Bey Shah and out of Gai Radiance, who is the full sister to the worldfamous Gai Radiant (Gai Parada x Zee Radiance), who won both in halter and Western Pleasure. Gai Parada was the only stallion to ever win a National Championship in Performance prior to a National Championship in Halter. He was 1974 Canadian and US National champion Pleasure driving and in 1977 US National champion in Halter. Gai Radiance is representing the finest of the American Crabbet lines.