ASE Juilliette

ASE Juilliette
(ASE Juilliard x ASE Sayuri)
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2019 Grey filly
SCID Clear & CA Clear

* National Reserve Champion filly 2019






General Information:

ASE Juiliette is one of the first daughter of our young stallion ASE Juilliard and comes out of our homebred ASE Sayuri. Juilliette is the exact image of her sire Juilliard but with the stretch and athetism of her mother Sayuri, who was a National reserve champion as a young mare. Juilliette is a granddaughter of Versace through her sire ASE Juilliard and a granddaughter of world champion Fadi al Shaqab on her mothers side. her damline traces back to some domestic Brazilian breeding like Lumiar Amadeus, Exceladdinn, AF Victor, Gem Light, The Real Mccoy and Fadjur.


The sire of ASE Juilliette is the young stallion ASE Juilliard. Juilliard is a son of the Brazilian sire Da Vinci FM who is a son of the legendary Versace and comes out of Full Moon Astar who traces back to the beautiful GG Samir as well as the nostalgic stallions Raffon, Fadjur and the special mare Sanacht.

The dam of Juilliard was one of our best broodmares, ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil, who passed away too soon. A mare, a legend, famous for producing a high number of show champion offspring and an ELITE mare herself. She was also a great performer and succesfully finished a CEI** endurance race. Bisiriya was a granddaughter of Hlayyil Ramadan and came out of our foundation mare Manilah. Manilah is a granddaughter of Salaa el Dine and comes out of the Plakat daughter Marischka.

The dam of ASE Juilliette is ASE Sayuri and she is our last offspring of Mata Hary. Mata Hari HY was born in Brazil and exported to Italy by Simone Leo. In 2012, Mata Hari was leased by us and in 2013, ASE Sayuri was born. Mata Hari is one of the few daughters of Lumiar Amadeus. Also this mare traces back to the famous lines of Fadjur and the illustrious mare Sanacht. Making Juilliette double Fadjur and double Sanacht through both her sire and damline!


The sire of Sayuri is 2013 World Champion stallion; Fadi al Shaqab. We have selected Fadi not only because his beautiful conformation and looks, but mostly for his authentic pedigree. Fadi's dam, Abha Myra by Marwan al Shaqab, is an absolutely gorgeous mare and she is out of ZT Ludjkalba - who is considered one of the best producing Ludjin el Jamaal daugthers in the world and who is also the dam of World Champion stallion Abha Qatar. The sire of Fadi is Besson Carol. Besson is a stallion who did miracles in the Brazilian breeding program and later also in the rest of the world. Besson is sired by Parys el Jamaal, who comes from the famous Gainey lines of Gai parada (Ferzon) and who's dam comes out of the strong Russian and Polish lines of Antey and Aladinn.

ASE Juilliette was sold to Israel in April 2020.