(Radamess II x Marischka)
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1999 Grey mare - 1.56m
SCID Clear & CA Clear














* Gold Champion Senior mares & Best in show, AHW 2007

* Silver Champion Senior mares, Zottegem (BE) 2010

* 2nd place mares 11 yrs and older, Int. show Lier (BE) 2010

* Winner of the 400m sprint, Arabissimo, (NL) 2014
* Triathlon Champion, Arabissimo, The Netherlands 2014

* Winner Senior mares + Best movement trophy, International C-show, Arabian Horse  Weekend 2020

* 2nd place Arabissimo All round sport horses championships 2021


General Information:

Manilah is the foundation mare of our breeding program. We found her in 2006 somewhere in the south of Germany and purchased her immediately. Since then the journey we had with her has been just incredible. In 2007 she won several competitions in Eventing – which is a three day riding competition were she performs show jumping, dressage and cross country. That same year we also took her to the show. Unprepared and not halter trained she won her class unanimously, was named Senior halter champion mare and also received the title Best in show! A fantastic result what was repeated by her grandson ASE Faraaj in 2013 and her other grandson ASE Farhan in 2019! Manilah is a strong mare, she is the alpha mare, the lioness. She has a strong body with a long neck, a beautiful classic face and good overall movement. 

In 2020, at the age of 21, we took Manilah back to the showring. She won her class with 90,38 points at the International show, scoring 18's on body and 17's on legs and 19's on type, 19's on head and neck. She also won the Best Movement trophy at both the national and international show.

In 2021, at the age of 22, Manilah still competed in the all round Arabissimo sport horse championships and achieved the 2nd place! This sport horses championship covered five parts: liberty, trail, dressage, show jumping and cross country!


Manilah is sired by the Straight Egyptian stallion Radamess II. Radamess is a son of the legendary and ultra typy Salaa el Dine, who is by the icon in Straight Egyptian breeding; Ansata Halim Shah and comes out of the important and treasured broodmare Hanan (Alaa el Dine). The mother of Radamess is Ansata Rebecca.  She is by Ansata Abu Sudan and out of Ansata Rhodora who is by the great Ansata Ibn Halima out of Ansata bint Bukra- who is a daughter of the legendary and influential mare Bukra (Shahloul).

The dam of Manilah is Marischka. An important broodmare who has produced some incredible offspring like multi champion stallion Major (El Allah Abu) and the broodmare Mamuschka (Maymoun) who produced Brazilian National reserve champion Muranas Mabrouka (Marwan al Shaqab). Marischka is a daughter of World Champion Plakat. Plakat was a great performer and a very talented showjumper. Besides his sport abilities he also sired (world) champions all over the globe. Plakat is by the Egyptian stallion Aswan and out of Pchelka by Knippel. The dam of Marischka is the straight Egyptian mare Malisha bint Galal. A daughter of Ibn Galal (Galal by Nazeer) and out of Mastura by Saher, giving her four traces to Nazeer in the damline through Habdan Enzahi and Ghazal and three lines to Shahloul through Bukra and El Sareei.


Manilah is our most important broodmare. In 2008 she gave us her first foal. This was ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil by Bishr (Hlayyil Ramadan). A stunning filly with a very extreme face. Huge eyes and a deep dish. Bisiriya is now developing herself in becoming a very important broodmare for our program. She is also awarded with the ELITE ceritifcate because of her extraordinary breeding performances. Bisiriya was also succesful in the CEI 2* endurance races. Unfortunately she passed away in 2020. The second foal of Manilah was a flashy colt sired by world champion Marajj. We named him ASE Marajó. He was shown many times all over Europe, winning champion titles in Italy and Belgium. He was also succesful in the CEI 1* endurance races. In 2011, Manilah gave birth to a very extreme filly by Ajman Moniscione. We named her ASE Ajmilah. Unfortunately she died at birth. In 2012, Manilah gave us another spectacular filly, this time sired by the Straight Egyptian stallion Al Ayal AA. This filly, ASE Aryelle, is the exact image of her mother and is also retained for the future breeding program. In 2014, Manilah gave birth to the  extreme flashy colt named ASE Antarah, sired by Amir Ashiraf. In 2015 she gave us a filly, ASE Majestika, sired by the stallion Vitorio TO. In 2016 we got one colt sired by ZT Magnanimus named ASE Ezeen Magnanimus, he is owned in partnership with Iris Neele. In 2017 we got a colt, ASE Kabir by Kahil al Shaqab and in 2018 she gave us her last foal, a filly sired by former Worldchampion Hlayyil Ramadan. We named her ASE Aaliyah Hlayyil.

List of offspring:

2008 ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil (by Bishr) - Grey filly †
2009 ASE Marajó (by Marajj) - Grey colt
2010 ASE Ajmilah (by Ajman Moniscione) - Grey filly †
2012 ASE Aryelle (by Al Ayal AA) - Grey filly
2014 ASE Antarah (by Amir Ashiraf) - Grey colt †
2015 ASE Majestika (by Vitorio TO) - Grey filly
2016 ASE Ezeen Magnanimous (by ZT Magnanimous) - Chestnut colt
2017 ASE Kabir (by Kahil al Shaqab) - Bay colt
2018 ASE Aaliyah Hlayyil (by Hlayyil Ramadan) - Grey filly

At this moment, Manilah is retired from breeding and riding. We still hope to enjoy her for many years to come! Enjoy her pictures below taken by various photographers over the years.