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The burden of being a mum

Bisiriya loves life. Over the years she participated in many endurance races including CEI 2* 120km races which she has done with ease. She is also our prime broodmare. All of her foals have been champions. She is therefor awarded with the ELITE certificate from the studbook.


Despite her excellent qualities as a broodmare, Bisiriya is an Athlete first. She loves to run, to jump, to rear. As the days get shorter and the due date comes nearer, her body starts to change. The jumps she regurly makes in the paddock go less high, the rears get less frequent and her belly starts to get in the way.


But then the moment is there! The moment to meet her foal for the very first time. The moment that makes it all worth it! A tiny little me! Bisiriya loves her foals! She loves being a mum! Well, at least for the first four weeks and only if it is a girl...

Bisiriya always breeds strong characters, like herself. So when giving birth to a colt, it is the matter of time until they become little brats. They jump on top of her, run away all the time.. Being a mum certainly gets more tiring then running a 2* endurance race!


The last weeks before weaning, I can see it in her eyes, Bisiriya is done. The moment of weaning comes to her as a blessing, Finally some me time! She runs to the other side of the field without looking back. Chapter closed, I did my job.


Now, six months later, it is time again. We are expecting to foals of Bisiriya this year. One sired by WH Justice who will be born by embryo transfer (Bisiriya's favorite way to give life. :)) and one by RHR Heir of Marwan, which she is carrying herself. We cannot wait to see these two foals! <3 


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